Young, Wild and Free.
Ezra and Lorenzo. Aged 16 Indonesian Assholes.
We party all night and fitness all day.
Don't be afraid to ask us questions, we won't bite ;)
We have great taste in women. Oh, and we're funny too. Cheers.




 ‎3 years old - “mommy, i love you”
13 years old - “WHATEVER MOM !”
16 years old - “Mom is so damn annoying”
18 years old - “i wanna leave this house!”
25 years old - “Mom, you were right”
30 years old - “i wanna be with my mom again”
50 years old - “i dont want to lose my mom”
70 years old - “i would give up everything for my mom to be here with me”

We only have 1 Mom.
Reblog this if you appreciate your Mom.



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If i wake up as a cat.




First, go back to sleep like a boss.

After napping all day, i’d probably feast in a fancy manner.

And maybe climb some shit.

and do some trollin.

and generally not give a fuck about anything ever again

last giff

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(via teenageobsession)

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